Why in English?

As I am Dutch, have spent most of my life living and working The Netherlands, and have mostly Dutch friends an acquaintances, I guess many people wonder why I decided to have a website in English. That is a very legitimate question. The fact is, I started thinking partly in English shortly after my first English class when I was 9 or 10 years old. I don’t know why, it just seemed to “fit” me. Especially the conversations and discussions I had in my head where (and are) in English. Pretty awkward at first, as of course I still had a very limited glossary and did not know the past tense for verbs yet. But my English improved (though I now it still isn’t perfect), I participated in international exchanges in high school, spent a year in Spain (spoke a lot of English there with other foreign students), and wrote my thesis in English. And nowadays I follow many international websites, watch vlogs and TEDxTalks in English, attend international MOOCs. And through the years, I met lots of non-Dutch people, both online and IRL. Writing in English will make my website also accessible to them and a larger audience in general.

But my main reason to start blogging in English is still my own way of thinking. I noticed that I regularly have trouble speaking out about the ideas in my head. As I do most of my pondering and contemplating in English, I hope blogging in that language too will make it easier to voice my opinions.
I do want to add a Dutch version of the business pages of my website as well, and the blogs for my project 400 MUSEA 2015 will usually be published in Dutch first, as the subject is specifically Dutch. I do intend though to translate most of them in English as well.