Why in English?

As I am Dutch, have spent most of my life living and working The Netherlands, and have mostly Dutch friends an acquaintances, I guess many people wonder why I decided to have a website in English. That is a very legitimate question. The fact is, I started thinking partly in English shortly after my first English class when I was 9 or 10 years old. I don’t know why, it just seemed to “fit” me. Especially the conversations and discussions I had in my head where (and are) in English. Pretty awkward at first, as of course I still had a very limited glossary and did not know the past tense for verbs yet. But my English improved (though I now it still isn’t perfect), I participated in international exchanges in high school, spent a year in Spain (spoke a lot of English there with other foreign students), and wrote my thesis in English. And nowadays I follow many international websites, watch vlogs and TEDxTalks in English, attend international MOOCs. And through the years, I met lots of non-Dutch people, both online and IRL. Writing in English will make my website also accessible to them and a larger audience in general.

But my main reason to start blogging in English is still my own way of thinking. I noticed that I regularly have trouble speaking out about the ideas in my head. As I do most of my pondering and contemplating in English, I hope blogging in that language too will make it easier to voice my opinions.