My purpose in life is to contribute to everyone, especially children, being able to be who they want and do what they want (without harming others of course), so they can live up to their full potential, and to make them realize to let others do the same.
Professionally, I do this by supporting organizations and businesses that also attribute to this goal, like in the field of education.

It is very possible that you visit this website because we met (in person or online), you ran into my name, or because a mutual friend directed you here. For everything I do appears to revolve around connecting people. And I love making new connections, so if we have not met yet, hopefully we will soon!

And if you may need a jack-ofall-trades / side-kick, especially in a rapidly growing business or organization, I can be of help. I have lots of experience with organizing, coming up with creative solutions, conducting job interviews, team leading, mediating between programmers and their clients, social media, updating websites, fathom digital tools, edit texts, photography, collecting and organizing information, setting up a work integration program, etc. etc.
Additionally, I can connect & match people and I enjoy sharing information, knowledge, and contacts. And I feel best if I can make people think outside of the box.

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